Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm Back!

So I've been gone for a long time, I know. I've been preoccupied.
Currently working on starting a business (I'll keep you updated of course but for now, that's all I will tell you) and also working on gaming videos and streaming.
Still no major income as such so as it stands this is what I do. I'm a YouTuber. I hope I can get this to work out well for me and I just hope I have your support.

Other than that I've really been emerging myself in the gaming community. I'm so intrigued by Banished! It's on my steam wishlist and I seriously can't wait to get streaming week after next! I'm having my great friend build me an absolute beast of a machine that should kill streaming.

The reason it's taking so long to start streaming when I could have my computer by Tuesday is because next week I'll be visiting my boyfriend in Brisbane. I'm so incredibly ready to be with him again! He honestly rocks my world like none other. I can't explain how much I love him, there are no words. The only way for me to express my emotions is simply by being in his arms, looking in his eyes and sharing that with him.

Aside from all my sappy stuff, stay tuned with all things Kate and you will be surprised by what I come up with... I hope :p

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