Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Couldn't Even Be Bothered With Excuses Anymore

Once again, I've been slacking and I know it. I really do sincerely apologise. I could begin telling you all the things I've been working on that are distracting me from blog posting but you've heard it all before so I'm certainly not here to do that.
Rather, I'm simply going to talk about where I am in my life right now and where I think it's headed.

My life has become pretty much consumed with streaming on Twitch, broadcasting on YouNow and chatting with you guys. I'm currently working on an email I will be sending to Frank Body about possibly working with them in the future. I'm waiting to hear back about a job in gaming that would be exclusively casual but let me get to know fellow gamers in my area that might be willing to support my stream. I've also been looking at ways to get support from the people who want to support me, especially seeing as work is getting hard to come by.  I've been fiddling around with different photo editors and making banners and titles for different pages I have.

Basically, I've found myself in a place where I am absolutely content with what I'm doing and trying to get it to work for me even a tenth of the amount I work for it. Money is tough, and sadly streaming doesn't happen to be free. Australia's internet connection isn't exactly accepting of this kind of use and I'm beginning to fear a dreadful bill coming my way. I do this because it's what I want to do and because I believe it makes you guys happy. Which is why I do seriously believe I should be supported for my efforts. I work damn hard to make my videos, streams, social media posts and blogs as high quality as possible, and I do it for a loss. If every viewer donated as little as $5, it would be supreme. However that's not to say I'd be disappointed with a donation of any figure, I'm absolutely stunned to think that anybody would support me, even though I believe you should. 

What I'm trying to get at here is that for those of you who choose to donate, I'm eternally grateful. I sincerely thank you for absolutely any figure you share with me and you will be rewarded right back with a shoutout in my streams, videos and a being placed in a list in my about panel on Twitch.
So if you have anything, 5c you saved on petrol, anything at all that you wouldn't mind passing with, I'd be absolutely thankful <3 
Please click here and help me!

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