Friday, March 28, 2014

ScrewAttack and Fullscreen

With the merging of my YouTube Network, Fullscreen and their long time friend, ScrewAttack games to a combined gaming network community, ScrewAttack Network, I now have a whole bunch of opportunities to collaborate with other Gaming YouTubers. I am incredibly excited to utilize all the tools that have come available to me as a gaming YouTuber.

As I wait for my beauty favorites to upload, I'm watching a video on women in gaming and then will start a (hopefully) incredibly long stream to raise funds to get me overseas. As Fullscreen and ScrewAttack are based in America, my plans are to go there for the ScrewAttack convention as I am provided with free tickets and then I will meet new people and really get this going.

I have gotten my government benefits set in place, I will be receiving literally grocery money, which is all I need but certainly won't get me overseas.
I know I've mentioned this before, and yes, I am desperate, there's not point in me hiding it, I do need you to help me raise funds. If I were to word my benefits in conversational terms, I am receiving 10hrs work pay a week, which would be fine if I didn't have a phone bill, internet, electricity, food, water etc. I know these seem to be selfish things to complain about, plenty of governments don't even offer unemployment help, but seeing how hard I work on my stream, videos and blog, I honestly believe I should be getting paid somewhere. This is my job, and yet I'm doing it for free.
Please help here, anything is appreciated.

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