Saturday, March 29, 2014

Truth or Dare

So last night I did a livestream of Hearthstone and decided I'd let you guys give me dares/truth questions.
I've decided I'll do an entire stream, a 12 hour stream, dedicated to just this. With any donation you can give me a dare or ask me a question. I will obviously start the stream with 3 free questions/dares to get the ball rolling and perhaps do some previous dares in order to get you guys ready for my awesomeness.

If you have a dare for me, anything from show your feet on camera, go and pull as many mobs as you can in game, do a handstand etc, send them to me in a comment after going through these steps.
The stream will probably happen week after next and I'll be making some videos to get you guys super excited for it, clearly I must be crazy to want to do dares you send in but if it's what you want!

You can also leave requests for music or games that you want to see during the stream or perhaps pose a question for a conversation topic.

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