Thursday, April 17, 2014


So it seems as though every year, around this time I bring up the fact that my birthday is fast approaching. And it is. And this year? It's my 21st.

The month ahead is a big one for a few reasons: I'm going to be celebrating my actual birthday with my family as per usual, and then for a "party" I will be traveling to the Gold Coast with my boyfriend and best friend for a few days of fun, then driving back down to Sydney to gather my things, driving back up and moving. So, as of the end of next month, I will be living in another new situation, once again. I'm excited for the new living arrangements and extra excited to start decorating and renovating! Creativity will simply ooze out of me and cover the house in butterflies haha
And of course, I'll try my best to make some decorating tips and blog posts for here =)

Also pretty excited to let you guys know I am now the new "Monday" for a collab channel called TheTropicanaSeven, so I would love it if you went and checked them out and gave me some support over there!

Other projects I'm working on? Getting more designs of my Spreadshirt to make that hella awesome, just like everything I do of course ;)

If you have any designs you want featured there, send them through and you can pretty much guess I'll pop them up for you with your Twitter handle on the shirt =)

As for now, Happy Easter and I'll speak with you all later <3

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