Monday, April 21, 2014

So Much Excitement!

I know this is an incredibly cheesey thing to get all excited about but what can I say? I'm a sappy, melted cheese romantic.

After we made final plans to drive down to Sydney after my birthday celebrations on the Gold Coast in order to pack and move up to Brisbane, Gerard told me he wants me to vlog the drive. Now I know, this is a stupid thing to get excited about but I'm not even lying, I am so happy that he wants to get into vlogging with me!
My hopes (and don't tell him and hopefully he doesn't read this before I tell him) is that he'll start vlogging things with his camera and at the end of the day just chuck it over to me to smash it all together and edit for my/our vlogs. I know he's not huge on the idea of being on camera, but I think he'd like this. I know he likes sending snapchats so if he sees this the same as he does his snaps, I think I've got him ;)

The other thing I'm super excited about is that he also wants to be a part of my gaming streams and to do his own. Hell, if he wants to provide the monitors he can share the beast computer with me!

It's really dumb and girly but it's kinda just all my silly fantasies coming true. Yes, I fantasize about silly things like that. And yes, they all involve him.

But of course, I'm just happy to have him in the first place, and I'm ecstatic to be preparing for the rest of our lives together.

OK, OK, ending all the girlyness now.

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