Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fitness Junkie?!

So if you've watched my vlog you'd know that yesterday I went all the way to the gym (which, let me remind you, is at least an hour away by public transport) and then continued to spend 2 hours there simply working out and using the equipment to hopefully build muscle.

And now that the hard part is over and I've done it once I've decided I'll do it every second day. So today is a day at home to do some washing, including the dog, then tomorrow I head back out and on Sunday, Mother's Day at mum's place.

Exercise is important for several reasons, not just physical fitness. It improves your metabolism which helps digestion, boosts mood and releases happy hormones in the brain known to fight depression, anxiety and other mood disorders, and it's motivating. For me, and for many others I know, working out is the best motivation to work out, as well as doing other tasks deemed un-motivating or difficult to start.
  Simply going for a 30min walk or a jog around the block can help improve energy levels, but of course exercise doesn't have to feel like exercise, getting a group together to play sports at your local park, joining a dance class or even walking the dog or doing gardening can give the same mood improvement. So there really is no excuse :)

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