Friday, May 9, 2014

Way to Burst My Bubble!

So here I was, getting home from the gym, feeling super pumped and happy, and in a matter of ten minutes, my parade had sh*t all over it.

I went to the kitchen to get a start on making my dinner, noticed that dad was STILL on the couch and all the dirty dishes in the sink, sitting beside empty milk cartons, pet food cans and coffee canisters waiting (BEGGING) to be recycled. 

So I begin by washing the 3 dishes I have used in the past 5 days. THREE DISHES PEOPLE! Only for dad to say "I wondered when you were going to do that". Excuse me? There's still a cheese greater, long tongs, a strainer, and a whole bunch of other crap in the sink. I washed my three dishes because I wanted to give you a silent kick in the bum to do something.

So I told him, "I just cleaned the 3 dishes I've used" so he starts getting uppety at me for all sorts of little shit and it all comes spilling out of me. About him sitting on the couch all day long doing nothing but smoke, his annoying YouTube videos that I can hear, the fact that I pretty much have to sit in my room all day because he has metaphorically peed all over everything else as if to say "My Territory".

I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW! I cannot believe he has the nerve to get upset with me for a mess he made. He is the FILTHIEST person I know, he can't get upset at me for being obsessive over the dishes I use. I keep certain dishes in my bedroom simply to prevent him using them and messing them up, because he's no better at doing the dishes than I am. He broke the dishwasher so it's hardly as if I can just put my dishes in there. He has wood all over the goddam place! He had the vacuum in the middle of the walkway the day I got back, almost a week ago. I moved it yesterday. And he wants to get mad at me for not putting things away? Uh-uh mister. No. You're a slob.

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