Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm So Sick Of My Computer!

So yesterday after the gym I filmed about 4/5 videos, and today I've been sitting at my computer and editing the 2 hardest ones, as well as working on different banners (note to self, never do anybody a favor. Ask for an inch, take a mile) and editing photos for thumbnails. I made it harder on myself by forgetting to actually take photos for them - how clever am I, right?!

So I've just rewarded myself with some yummy vegan pasta and guess what? Now I feel bloated and uncomfortable. Fan-tastic. 

Also, Happy Mother's Day for all the mumma bears reading this! Sadly my mum was caught up with an assignment so we've postponed Mother's Day until my birthday. 

That has honestly been my day. How's your day?

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