Monday, May 12, 2014

Smashbox Studio Skin 15hr Wear Foundation Review

As you guys may know, this is one of my favorite foundations. It's lightweight on the skin, gives a great medium-full coverage and lasts for hours. My color is 2.1 and I've used it for about a year now. Buy it here!

I've not known it to cause any breakouts and I've only used about half a bottle- a little goes a long way!

It takes about 1-2 pumps to do my entire face and enough to cover areas needing extra attention too.

It dries matte and for my oily skin lasts amazingly. For a normal skin I would suggest using it alone and without a powder, but for myself (and those with oily skin) it is advisable to use a little bit along the T-zone.

It can accentuate dry patches so I definitely wouldn't recommend it for dry skins but mixing it with a moisturizer or the hydrating primer might help minimize that problem.

Overall rating? 9/10. The only downside is the patchiness I've found on drying breakouts, but it doesn't cause any problems with my skin and looks amazing!

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