Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Missing Person

So I got home today to find the house in a complete mess and my father nowhere to be found. I haven't even heard from him in over a week, and the last I'd heard about him was my mother telling me he was apparently sick.

So seeing as this was the second time in a row I had come home and found him nowhere (with random things everywhere) I decided to text him to see where he was... No answer, so I called.

3 times. No answer.

Then he calls me to tell me where he is and the phone cuts out, which isn't so bad but now I'm just waiting for him to get home.

Before he told me where he was I honestly thought something had gone wrong and he had gone to hospital or checked himself in to rehab without telling us (seeing as it didn't take much snooping at all to find wine bottle scattered throughout a room that he had raided, making it look like he had packed a bag). As worried as this makes me, I really didn't care much. He's just as present away as he is here. I just would have liked to know. - He never checks his mobile, defeating the entire purpose of having one.

Anyway, that was all. He's fine, or at least not in hospital.

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