Sunday, June 22, 2014

Makeup Organization

So with all the moving I've done over the last year or so I haven't really put much thought into organizing my personal makeup collection, but as I'm going to the Pro Makeup and Beauty Show this weekend and plan on growing not only my personal collection but my professional kit as well, I've been looking into some ideas for organizing it all.

Most beauty gurus agree that acrylic draws and stands happen to be the best, however when you purchase them from a brand they're incredibly pricey. So what I've done for you is found some of the most practical acrylic organizers on Amazon at the best price and placed them here for you. You're welcome!

This one is pretty incredible, designed specifically to show your compacts and comes in different colors as well! You can buy this for less than $16 by clicking the image or clicking here!

This is another great one, with spaces for your lipsticks or lipglosses, brushes or eyeliners, as well as your small palettes like quads and even the foundations and powders you're using at that moment! It may not be one that you hold all your cosmetics in, but for products you want to use up or for your favorites of the month, definitely handy to have! And at less than $13, you definitely want it now! Click the image or click here!

Now this one is simply stunning. Several levels so that you can see what you have stored at the back and plenty of room for whatever you may want to store. Area for brushes and pencils, lipsticks or lipglosses, foundations and face products and even some palettes or individual shadows. For less than $20, you're mad not to buy it now!

Now for all those lip junkies, this is for you! The great thing about this one is that it can hold 24 of your lip products but you can actually see and reach for the ones in the furthest row because of it's unique stadium style design. (Yes, I made that up, but I think it accurately describes it, don't you?!) Go ahead and click here to grab yours now for only $4! You heard me, FOUR DOLLARS! GET ON IT GUURRL!

Now this is a great all in one. You've got a display ontop and neat draws included as well. Plenty of room for storage and keeps things nice and neat in a way that maintains visibility. Probably the most popular of the makeup storage containers but let's be honest, it's popular for a reason! Click here and grab yours for less than $40!

Now I have given you the best of the best as far as makeup organization and storage containers goes so leave a picture of your makeup organization in a comment below and I'll make sure to do my makeup organization video soon! 


  1. Hey again! Haha, umm i use ebay but would love to use amazon! How similar is it to ebay?? :D
    - Rachel <3

    1. It's pretty much exactly the same except I find you can get better deals on Amazon. The other thing is if you want to buy something that other websites don't normally ship to Aus (ie Sephora/whatever) they often have the actual brands selling their stuff with worldwide shipping :)
      Give it a go, you're bound to find an awesome deal! <3

    2. im going to sign up right now :D