Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Am So Sick Of Stupid Comments!

Before you jump in and say "You don't care about your viewers and you're just doing it for *blah*", I am absolutely not talking about every comment I get.

I am, however, referring to comments like "omg stfu", "ok bye" or "omg stop". People bickering and being rude to each other. Using put-downs instead of pick-me-ups for each other.
I know how easy it is to type a comment you may not even mean to and send it without realising or caring at all, but all it does is show you to be rude, immature and mean spirited. 

I know you don't want people to think of you like that, and I know you'd be hurt if it were you having rude comments directed to you. It only takes 2 minutes to actually think about whether you want to post what you've typed, whether you actually mean what you say and whether it will hurt someone's feelings.
Show people your true self, show them how beautiful you are and spend time picking other people up! Share kind words, daily motivation, be true to you! Show others that you're lovable by loving them. 

You will get so much love and support in return that you won't even need to think about it anymore! You'll just be recycling all the love you get given with the next person, who will then share it on with someone else and make their day!

I know you can do it! 

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