Friday, July 18, 2014

Why Is Everybody Such A Dick!

It seriously feels like all the niceties of humanity have flown out the window.
First of all, a friend of a friend is insulting me over an Instagram post of how far I ran/walked/jogged because apparently it's not accurate and I'm unfit. 
Okay, cool, maybe I am unfit but I'm fucking trying and I was DAMN proud of that distance!

Then my doctor yesterday (not my regular doctor as she is on holiday) decided to intrude on every aspect of my life. Yes it's his job, but it's also his job (at least I feel), to actually care. All his interrogation came with an air of superiority and a tone of put-down.

Then whilst in the city, dressed only for a doctors appointment, I see my ex, dressed in a suit. No, we didn't stop and chat. He gave me a look to say that he still wishes I were dead in the most painful of ways and we continued our different ways.

Then we've got people marketing "dark skinned" beauty pages to me, and when I suggest they perhaps target their marketing to the people it's intended to, perhaps take the time to actually invite people that would be interested, they get all defensive and put words in my mouth.

Last but not least, I still have people fighting in the comments over my emo tutorial. Every time I comment saying "Please be nice, it's hurtful and I want to think better of you" they return with more insults.

Seriously guys!

All it takes is a few seconds and you can make another person's day! Which in turn spreads like wildfire of happiness! This way, you're simply bringing everyone down and ensuring that someone will insult you or hurt your feelings sooner or later.

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  1. Dont worry about others lol they dont know what you do.