Saturday, September 6, 2014


So you guys probably know from my vlogs that I'm very interested in nutrition and fitness. I've always been one to promote a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, but boy are you in for a shock when I tell you what I'm doing now.

My current meal plan is made entirely of healthy fats and proteins, with 2 bananas post workout. Eggs for breakfast. Protein shake and nuts with 2 bananas post morning workout. Then chicken and veg for lunch. More protein and almonds mid afternoon. Then chicken and veg for dinner and yet another protein shake and almonds before bed. 

This scares the living crap out of me, but apparently the process of breaking down protein burns calories, and if your source of protein is lean enough (such as lean chicken breast such as my diet calls for) you may end up burning fat.
The plan for my diet is also to retrain my body to get it's energy from fat, as it is currently a fat storer and carb burner. So by shocking my system and getting no carbs, but rather fat and protein, it will quickly need to adapt it's energy source.

That's the theory anyway. After 4 weeks we reassess, so let's see if I'm right or if this mealplan is actually going to work, because I'm honestly still in complete shock and scared for my life to be honest.

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