Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exercise and Eating Disorder Recovery

So as many of my vlog viewers would know I have some serious difficulty with food and suffer from an un-diagnosed eating disorder.

If left to my own devices I will buy groceries purely for breakfast (a carb dense bowl of all kinds of things) and then supplement that with plenty of fruit.

This is what I actually consider healthy eating. 

I find it very difficult to actually choose a well rounded diet and pick from all the food groups (struggling especially with meats and animal products as I perceive them as all being fattening).

And this is why I have put all my trust in my personal trainer with my diet/meal plans. I eat according to the meal plan I'm given, weather I like it or not. And I train hard. For instance, this week: 

Tuesday morning: gym-legs
Wednesday morning: personal trainer-legs with minor upper body
Wednesday night: Challenge training-cardio
Thursday morning: gym-upper body
Friday morning: personal trainer-to be decided

And possibly another session on Saturday morning for another challenge/bootcamp.

However my goals have changed from weight loss and being smaller to being stronger and more toned/defined.

And I truly believe that by working through my problems with food and exercising as much as I do, I'm getting through a proper recovery. Hopefully this is sustainable!

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