Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Make Money on #Tsu

So for those of you who have joined #Tsu, you probably want to know how to make money through it.
 My earnings in 10 days
My earnings in 10 days!

Think of #Tsu as a social media website. Invite your friends from other networks to join you using your link, post updates, share photos and things you find on the internet, even market your own brand or business!

Tsu makes you money by giving you a high percentage of the ad revenue. You can also earn money through your descendant's and their ad revenue, so inviting your friends is pretty crucial!

When your friends sign up, walk them through how to make money, tag them in posts, share things on their walls, talk to them! (You should probably do this with all your friends on the site even if they aren't your "children", but it's especially important for those who are in your direct line)
You continue to get a cut of people they recruit, and the people that are recruited by the people they recruit after being recruited by you (are you confused yet? :P )

Basically, put your link everywhere you can. get people to join through you and interact with them. It is invite only, so be sure you let them know how exclusive and elite the #TsuTangClan is ;)

Make sure you post regularly and your content is of a high standard! People liking, sharing and commenting all help with your earnings, and people don't interact with sh*tty posts!

So, what are you waiting for?! Join #Tsu now!

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