Saturday, November 29, 2014

Support my Patreon!

So guys, you may have noticed I've been putting more energy into my gaming videos and my Twitch livestreams, I devote a lot of time to editing videos, livestream for hours and am trying to increase my viewership.

I know there are things that need improving, and in order to do so I need your support!
There are certain upgrades that need to be made to my computer and other equipment, and of course every hour I livestream/edit/film/upload is an hour that I could be earning money by working.

Of course you don't have to pledge to my Patreon, but it is incredibly appreciated!
If you want to help support me and the stream, but can't afford pledging, you can always help me out by sharing this video around, tweeting out my livestreams/videos and helping me out that way!

For those of you who can support financially, once again, thank you! I look forward to seeing you on my Patreon and giving you some of those perks!

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