Friday, December 5, 2014

Why I Want to be a Personal Trainer

I understand a lot of people are upset by some insensitive comments I have made in the past in regards to "plus sizing" and weight concerns, so today I am going to explain my motivation behind those comments and hopefully get you all to realise why I feel so strongly about it.

You have to remember, everyone has their chubby days -including me- so it's not a matter of "I'm slim, you should be too". It's about realising you're having a chubby day/week/month and doing something about it. When I see myself getting soft or gaining weight (first signs for me tend to be in the double chin, but everyone has their signs) I take a look at what I'm doing and take steps to improve upon it.

What baffles me is that someone can see they're gaining weight, see their clothes getting tight, feel the pinch, and not stop and think "Hey, I should cut back on *blank*". (P.S I'm not saying everyone cut calories to a bare minimum, I'm simply saying cutting the excess and swapping your choices).

Health and fitness is about loving yourself, trading in the "I can't"s and the "that hurts" for the results, and the possibility that you'll look back at what you've achieved and saying "Wow, I did that!"

Exercise is incredibly close to my heart (cheesey, yes, I know) but that is exactly why I'm going to be studying fitness next year. I want to help empower women to say "I can" and "I did" instead of "I can't" or "I'm fat".

You are all so much stronger than you think! For the first time in my life I am wearing shorts and it feels amazing! Nobody needs to be "plus sized", it is all entirely in your control, it's just about whether you want to be the girl proudly flaunting shorts or hiding in plus sized clothing.

Getting out there and exercising makes you realise that the things you think you can't do, are just things you're scared of. And all fears can be conquered.

So go out there and prove everybody who says you can't wrong! Because you so totally can!

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