Sunday, December 14, 2014


So, if you have been watching my streams or my vlogs lately you'd know I've been trying to plan a new and exciting way to stream for you all!
And, if you watched yesterday you would know that my boyfriend is getting in on this!
We... (are you ready for this?)
Are... (I really don't think you're ready for this!)
Going to... (okay, I will actually say it now...)
Do shots for every donation over $5!

We can't guarantee that it'll be a long stream because, yeah, it could go pretty wrong pretty quickly, especially with NordKing88 promising to donate $50 but we'll see!
So get hype for it guys!
I will also be scrubbing for the part of the stream where we mention it yesterday and turn it into a video (LOTS OF EDITING FOR VIDEOS COMING!) and we will find a date and EVERYTHING!

Okay, I'm gonna go have breakfast now, I'm being weird haha

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