Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Results Are In!

So as you guys know I've been training pretty intensely these past months, going to challenge training sessions, seeing my personal trainer and then doing classes on my own as well.

I've been sticking to a pretty strict diet (with very few exceptions) and trying my best to get better.

Well, the challenge is over now and I got my results! I was pretty shocked to see how different I look (obviously it's a little hard to tell because I'm wearing my gym gear but even from what you can see there is a pretty major difference!)

These are my before photos. Now I know they weren't all that bad, but I still see this and find it scary that I ever looked like that.

And these 2 are obviously my "afters". It's still pretty hard to tell but you can straight away see that I'm pretty clearly more toned in my abdomen and arms.
My legs are more toned but sadly in black tights you can hardly notice the difference.

I am amazed at the difference, I honestly didn't notice any change in myself as the weeks went on, but now that I can see before and after, I am definitely proud of myself and going to do the challenge again and again!

I also have MORE mixed messages about whether or not you actually can do the challenge at different clubs, but I've heard from multiple contestants that you can go to other clubs and which ones are more welcoming, so with the next challenges I'll attend them as well for sure!

It's obviously pretty hard for me (as it is for anyone) to share my before and after photos, especially as I've only done 12 weeks and could definitely improve even now, but I thought I'd share them to help inspire you guys to make the move and do something for yourself! A lot can happen in 12 weeks! <3 p="">

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