Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fitness Videos and Podcasts

I love helping you guys with your fitness goals. Helping you effectively get fit/lose weight/gain strength, whatever your goal may be. One thing I believe absolutely needs to be addressed is the amount of myths, tricks, outright lies and gimmicks there are in the fitness industry to convince you to purchase something.

I've been writing blog posts trying to address a few of the myths out there today, and lots of you have commented on them helping you decipher what information to trust and not.

I want to expand this to reach you better. I'm looking to film videos and start podcasts, talking you through what to believe and what not to, and interviewing other fitness professionals to help you get a broader understanding of the industry, where to source your information and how to achieve your goals.

I truly want to help you get to where you want to be in life. I want you to be able to live with ease, to enjoy activity, to feed yourself lovingly, to truly care for yourself starting from the outside in.
If you have any questions regarding your own health and fitness, information you want clarified, different things you think might be fictitious, please, let me know!

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