Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Obesity Solution

A lot of people have responded negatively to my almost extremist views against plus size clothing and promotion. In this blog post I would like to provide my scarily simple solution to the worldwide obesity epidemic.

As some background, my distaste for plus size clothing is purely due to the fact that by providing clothes and marketing for larger sizes, we provide a safety blanket in the unfortunate event that they do gain unhealthily excessive amounts of weight, and in a round about way, this is providing acceptance for an unhealthy and life risking situation.

Society as a whole has come to the conclusion that smaller models (those size US0) are seen as an unhealthy role models, but those carrying unhealthy amounts of weight are meant to be role models for body positivity?
Last I checked, feeding yourself junk and using your body as a waste disposal isn't positive at all.

The logic behind favoring one extreme over another is non-existent. Either way you are promoting something unhealthy.
So, let's jump right to my solution.

One that you wouldn't have ever come across without me (sarcasm).

1) Eat foods in their original state.
That means fruits, vegetables, meat steaks/fillets, grains, nuts.

2) Avoid additives.
This means salt, sugar, artificial sweeteners etc. Use herbs instead.

3) Move more each day.
This doesn't mean go for a marathon or start doing massive amounts of exercise. Just use your body the way it was intended. Get up, move around, walk to work, take the stairs, walk up the escalator, simple stuff.

4) Feed your family.
Well duh, why wouldn't I?
But think about it. Are you really feeding them? Or simply giving them the same piles of junk that got you into this? Are you smothering them with food? Using food as a way to show your love? Some women will often feed their families indulgent "sometimes" foods as a way of expressing care, but by providing the people you love with wholesome foods that actually feed, you are truly showing love.

This isn't anything you haven't heard before, surely. But by looking into the reason you eat, and the reason you make the decisions you do, you can better understand the psychology behind your disordered eating.

Why do you choose the nuggets/schnitzels over the chicken breast? Simplicity? Time?
If you're finding options that save you time, you're taking away from your "me time". Taking time to truly create a beautiful and wholesome dish is incredible for life satisfaction.

Why do you chose the upsize? Is it because it's cheap?
This simply says you're not putting enough value on your health. Money that you save by eating poor food choices now will simply go on health and medical bills in a few years from now.

Why do you drive down to the shops? Laziness?
If it is a walkable distance, you should walk it. Smell the air, see the sky, hear the birds, feel the way your body works.

Look at every choice you make each day, and assess it. Why are you doing it? What might it mean?

By simply making better choices or forcing yourself to eat "clean" for a month, you can start to see an amazing change in your quality of life, and in doing so we can give future generations a chance at a better life.


  1. Thank you for this... I am a plus size female and have always struggled with my weight. At first I thought you were being rude and judgemental... but then I started laughing... and you were honest! For probably 95% of us "fatties" in the world, it is a choice... one that we can change... and I appreciate you laying it out there how you have... I need to get my life together and take care of myself. Thank you :)

    1. I'm glad I could help you! And in no way am I saying it is easy, simply that it is necessary. You need to feed yourself, nourish from the inside out, and we all do! Take care :)