Saturday, August 8, 2015

Most Effective Stair Work Out

Stairs are one of the most incredible tools for exercise, and they're completely free to use!

You can find stairs at your local parks, stadiums, beaches, cliffs etc. In my latest vlog I used the stairs at the cliffs close to my house.

The trick is to incorporate some HIIT into your training session, to get the best hormonal response for fat burning.
Here is my super effective and completely free stair workout!

Sprint up and down the stairs once
Walk up and down the stairs once (this is your "rest")
Jump on a bench/seat/2 steps 10x
Step up onto the bench/seat/steps 5x each leg (this is your "rest")

Once you've done this circuit 3-4 times, walk a lap to cool down a bit and try to repeat it again.

Because your body is being forced into "overdrive" super quickly, then going back to resting, it has to respond quickly by releasing growth hormones to improve the usage and retrieval of nutrients.
The body is also continuing to work to recover in your rest, working at almost as high of a rate as it is at work, because of the short and intense bursts of exercise where it's necessary to work incredibly hard to make sure the body is fueled adequately. Basically, it's in a back log of need, so your metabolism is increased for about an hour after you finish working.


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