Friday, July 24, 2015

Fitness Challenge

One of the social media platforms I use quite often, Tsu, inspired me to challenge myself in the fitness department.
If you follow me there you may see that I've been (trying to) participate in the #90DayTsuFitness #Challenge. (These hashtags get me every time, kinda annoying!)

Basically the concept is to have a program set out for yourself for 90 days to challenge your fitness and get into a fitness routine, or whatever your goal may be.

While I'm already training on a daily basis, I decided to participate in my own way, and purchased the Ashy Bines 28 Day Booty Transformation program.
You're probably wondering, why on earth is a personal trainer buying a program when she can simply train herself professionally?
Well, the challenge starts on Monday and as I've been going through it to prepare myself for what's to come, a lot of things in there are new to me.

Because it is such an incredibly popular program and there is such controversy behind the entire Ashy Bines business, I've decided to try it out, vlog every day of the program and give my review.
So while doing exercise every day for 90 days (or doing 28 legs days in a row) might not be exactly difficult for me, and a lot of the exercises in the program are hardly very difficult by my standard, it will be interesting to see what I can pass on for those of you who haven't participated in very much physical activity, and help you guys decide what you need to be doing.

No, I can't hint to too much, but maybe there might just be something that could be something along the lines of something maybe almost similar to something kinda like this but also kinda really different....
Did I say too much?

The main point is make sure you're subscribed to my daily vlogging channel and follow me on Tsu so that you know exactly what I think of this and get the latest information on anything I may or may not be releasing for you!

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