Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Leg's Day!

Today's blog post was inspired by the leg's program that I've designed myself after training legs on Monday.
On Monday this is what I achieved:

6th July, 2015
Squats: 5x10 - 30kg
Static Lunges: 3x10ea leg - 20kg
Leg Press: 4x10 - 60kg
Walking Lunges: 3x20 - 10kg

For someone who has been lifting for quite some time now this is pretty pathetic, but with study, work and a pretty bad ankle injury (that just so happens to continue to linger painfully) I've struggled to maintain a regular legs program and build on my strength.
For reference, I weigh approx. 52kg with roughly 17% body fat, so this is weak.

My frustration and stubbornness has sparked up after feeling pretty useless with my measly weights, and I've designed the following program.

Keep in mind! This is my personal program. I've studied fitness, am a fully qualified and certified personal trainer and will be performing this program with supervision in a gym. I am not recommending anybody else perform this. Please seek medical clearance before performing any exercise and always train with caution.

9th July, 2015
Squats: 5x10 - 35kg
Static Lunges: 3x10ea - 30kg
Leg Press: 4x8 - 70kg
Walking Lunges: 3x20 - 15kg

13th July, 2015
Squats: 5x12 - 35kg
Static Lunges: 3x12ea - 30kg
Leg Press: 4x10 - 70kg
Walking Lunges: 4x20 - 15kg

16th July, 2015
Squats: 5x8 - 40kg
Static Lunges: 3x10ea - 35kg
Leg Press: 4x12 - 70kg
Walking Lunges: 3x20 - 20kg

Obviously this is all pending on my ankle, and as I said, I will have a spot.

This is purely to build up strength, which is something that is incredibly important to me at the moment.
If you have any questions or want a program personalized for you, comment below and I'll get in touch as soon as I can :)

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