Friday, September 11, 2015

Well This Is Embarrassing.

Let me tell you a story. A lot of it will seem completely irrelevant and as if it is going nowhere but trust me, stick to the very end, there is in fact a reason for this post.

A couple of months ago I broke up with my partner of almost 2 years.
The decision came at an incredibly bad time for myself as I was just starting my business and had no funds to be moving and relocating.
With the help of some amazing friends I managed to get back on my feet, save up some money and found a place to live.
With the bond ready and my mind in a better place I moved into what seemed to be the perfect place for me.

After a few weeks of living in my new place I noticed that there was absolutely no management. I still had my bond sitting happily in my bank account and the real estate agent didn't have any clue I was living there.
My roommates were entirely clueless as to the bond payment process and the whole ordeal was unorganized to say the very least.

It was around this time that it came to my attention one of my housemates was attracted to me, making me feel incredibly uncomfortable by commenting on my body and making every attempt he could to touch me.
He also complained about my use of the internet, which as some of you should know is for business as I am a YouTube Partner, saying that it interrupted his gaming.
Because of this my entire vlogging schedule has gone out the window and I struggle to find a time to upload at all anymore.

As I continued to live with these people I decided to make the best of a bad situation and began focusing all my attention on my business, leaving the house at 5am and returning well after 8pm. This meant not being able to use the facilities I was and still am paying for, but also meant not being subjected to uncomfortable situations with people I can hardly stand.

Being that I was at the gym for more than 13hrs every day I found myself filling time with training. I would train 3-4 times a day, trying desperately to distract myself and boost my mood.
Anyone who knows anything about the human body will not be shocked when I tell you what comes next...

Injury after injury.

Walking home from the gym one day I fell over on the road, breaking two of my teeth. Being that I am my own business I needed to get urgent dental attention to correct my face- it was devastating.
Amazingly I was able to make an appointment with a dentist the very next morning and only had to push 2 sessions back, however the bill for my teeth was my bond gone.

Luckily, I had my tax coming back, so I would have my bond again very soon.

Once my tax went through I paid bills, bought groceries, treated myself to new clothes for work (business expense) and still had money for bond.

Until injury #2.
Slowly but surely my leg/hip was getting less mobile. Walking was difficult, but I kept going.
Not knowing what it was I assumed (nay, hoped) that I could train it away.
Obviously I was mistaken.
It got to the point of tears when I could hardly walk and everything hurt. It was like a dentist hitting a nerve, but this was in my hip, sending random pain down my whole leg.

After much convincing from my colleagues and friends I visited a physio.
And the news was shocking and hilarious at the same time.

I have a herniated disc pushing on a nerve. I can never undo the bulging disc, all I can do is relieve the pressure on my nerve.
And guess what that means? Seeing a physio 1-2 times a week.
So that bond money? Yeah, it's gone again.

Luckily, with all that's going on, my best friend has a room available with her as of next month, but until then I still need to pay bond for the house I'm living in, and have lived in, for a few months now.
I'm about to be kicked out and need help.
The amount I need to raise is $700.
And it needs to be done in the next week.
So please, if you can, help me out. Share this with your friends.
I will be live on Twitch soon and am taking support from Twitch Alerts.
This is honestly the most desperate I have ever been before, I've never needed anything this bad as I need this.

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