Monday, September 14, 2015

Day From Hell

So today has been absolutely horrible from the absolute get go.

Saw my physio early in the day, and it appears my progress (or complete lack there of) has him a tad worried. I'm no longer allowed to train at all until I start having some form of improvement. Without improvement we will need to look at more drastic options, and there were two main "S" words he was dropping: serious and surgery- neither of which are my friend.

Of course with this devastatingly scary news I did what any good daughter would do and called my mother. And of course she somehow turned it into a guilt trip, accusing me of always blaming her for the troubles in my life and then continuing with an emotional attack that left me in tears. Just what I expected in my time of need, thanks mum!

Then I was on my way home, and, by my physios recommendation, I was on my way to the bus stop, but needed to top up my Go Card (digital ticket service) and realized I had lost my bank card. Running back to the bank I last had my card and being turned away at 4:40pm, by someone still going through work only 10mins after they finished their business hours, I now had to call the bank and walk home.

Looking at my bank account, luckily nobody has picked up my card and I was able to cancel it and have another delivered to my house, however it will take 6-9 business days. While I was on there I noticed all my direct debits have dishonoured and can expect calls asking for the money tomorrow.

When I get home I upload a vlog and begin editing another, still 10 days behind on my vlogs. And of course, just as I go to render an incredibly intricate and long vlog, my editing software stops working.

But I am so glad my Monday was this painful and challenging! Because pendulum theory tells me a good one is on the way!
Keep your chins up, stay strong and get ready for a totally kick ass day

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