Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Chlamydia

I recently tweeted that I'd be making a video about my disgusting chlamydia story, and while that video is uploading I thought I'd elaborate on some of the points made in the video.

There will always be people who want to believe something about you. Whether it's that you have chlamydia, a dirty "minge" (their words, not mine), that you are a crazy stalker, have sex with your dad or whatever else it may be.
Proving the claims to be wrong does nothing. They will only move on to something else they want to believe about you.

The people that take the time to reactivate their Twitters or personal message you on a Sunday morning simply to attack you are people who really have nothing that makes them feel good about themselves. Making you look worse is a way of putting themselves up.

So go for it, if putting me down makes you feel better, I'm not going to stop you.
I don't agree with it and I would like to think you have better characteristics that make you a worthwhile human being other than not being/having the thing you say about me, but it isn't hurting me.
A person that spends their time attacking others is a person with not much going on.
A person that takes time and energy to do things against another person is someone who doesn't have any better way to spend that time and energy.

So go ahead, if it makes you feel good, sure, I have chlamydia and a dirty "minge".
I know what's true and me saying anything other than what they want to believe doesn't change anything. They're still going to think what they want and the truth will still be what it is.
Sharing a statement, be it fact or fiction, doesn't therefore give it more weight or substance.
Me sitting here showing evidence to prove their claims incorrect doesn't therefore make the truth more truthful or their lies more fictitious.
It just gives them satisfaction that I don't have enough confidence to take their attacks or faith in the facts.

Believe what you want.
Say what you want.

I just hope that anybody hearing the claims would have the balls to address me and ask about the situation instead of blindly accepting one statement as truth.
And if blindly accepting the first statement you hear as truth works for you, fine. Nothing I say to prove otherwise will be substantial enough for you to think differently.

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