Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Bullshit Australian Internet

As you guys know, Australia has some pretty rotten internet.
For me, like most of the country, we're on a copper connection. Here are my speeds as of right now:

And that is positively speedy!

So, as you can imagine, I've been sitting around, struggling with this internet taking days to upload videos when my uploading schedule needs me to be uploading 3 videos every 2 days.
And this is why the stream has been MIA for a while now too. Absolutely no streaming with those speeds.

 Recently I've been looking into different options and have come up with the following:

VividWireless provide unlimited wireless for $89/month, with speeds UP TO 10down/1up.

Vocus do their own, private range of fibre for >$500/month with speeds starting at 500mbps, however they own the network exclusively.

SkyMesh do satellite NBN with 25down/5up, but it's not available to us as we are due to get the NBN in 2 years.

Optus do ~1gb for $10 on their prepaid mobile data plans, with the modems starting at $29. Their coverage promise is "good"(?) for my address indoors.

Telstra charge way too much for the 4G modems, starting at $69, but the data prices are on par with Optus.

What other options do I have?
I've just emailed NBNco directly and asked if there was any way to get a priority for our address however the chances are slim to none.
So just go with Optus mobile broadband and hope "good" is "good enough" to stream?
And then hope that streaming will help me pay for more data before I chew through it all?
Who do I know that can help me pull some strings? Who do I know that can help me out here?

In the meantime I'm voting Labour, hoping they get in and hoping I can get one of my friends in the Party to help hook me up.

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