Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stuff That Won't Fit In A Tweet :D

  Today I have a video about to upload from May. Yes, I know, it's now August (oh God where has this year gone?) but I went through a whole bunch of stupid insane family nonsense, followed by travelling for Avcon and getting confused with needing to do those videos, then - most recently - not actually being at home because I was helping a friend with a thing I can't really tell you about (it's a freaking long story and I'd really rather just not talk about it)

  So! Basically what I want you guys to know is that I have heaps of content that has been pre-recorded (did I mention I'm basically Trisha Paytas?) and I'll be uploading stuff from a time when it was relevant regardless of whether it still matters now.

  Oh! And the vlogs? Oh dear lord the vlogs. So, like I said, editing and uploading is about a month in delay from the time of filming so be warned that my hair colour is all over the place in all of my content (pro tip: best way to check a time of filming is to compare that to my latest selfie on Instagram or Twitter #ShamelessSelfPromo) but I've also been struggling to actually vlog consistently for a proper day now that I'm back from Adelaide and not up to date with the vlogs. Hopefully I can push myself to get my shit together and actually pump out all the vlogs so I can get back into the swing of things properly but it may take me a while, meaning in a few weeks you're going to have a few really bizarre vlogs that don't really make sense.

  Update on the internet dilemma! We have ordered a service for business called VDSL, very similar to FTTN, except the fibre speeds start at 20/20 and apparently the copper from the node to our premise is non-existent so we are left with the option of raising $859 to get the copper lines installed and the service will be sent directly to us with incredible speeds of 7.5/7.5mbps symmetrical! No, I know that's really nothing but it's a shitload better than my current 3/0.3mbps currently. Obviously I don't have that kind of money simply lying around so your help is much appreciated if possible and I will attempt to livestream from Guf soon to let everybody know about what's going on, but as soon as that has been raised we will have livestreams back every single week for you guys!

  Anything else? No, nothing else.
So yeah.
This is stuff that won't fit in a tweet.

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