Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Schedule Update

So as you guys should know I am trying to make a video go live for all 3 of my channels every second day.
And some of you should also know that on Sunday I moved house.

Sunday just so happened to be one of the days I was meant to upload on, and unfortunately the move has disrupted my schedule quite dramatically.

Once I had finished moving and settled in to my new place, I have now seen just how sad it is to live the ADSL life- uploads take MUCH longer than they used to.

So because of that I am trying desperately to stay ahead of the game, uploading multiples and setting them to go live at the dates they're meant to, but it's taking a lot longer than I would have liked to.

Hopefully by next week I will be back to my regular uploading schedule and you can expect a video on every channel every second day! They're all filmed and most are edited, now it's just a matter of getting them out for you guys, and I'll do that whatever it takes!

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