Thursday, September 15, 2016


So I had a psychologist appointment today (yes, I see a psychologist, no that shouldn't be news to anyone) and I explained to her that I didn't do my homework because it felt like closure/the end of a particular something I wasn't quite ready to get over.

However, due to other events throughout today I've come to an uncomfortable closure. It's uncomfortable because it's entirely foreign for me to be this strong in defending myself, but closure because I'm moving on from a situation that wasn't healthy from me even if I loved it.

What I've come to realise is you should never make excuses for someone else. You should never be left waiting for someone to act on their words. You should not give some people the benefit of the doubt. Don't reason for their ignoring you. Don't explain away their bad behaviour.
And DEFINITELY don't waste your time waiting around for them to make it up to you.

I have always said, if you don't tell someone what you want, there's no way of it happening.

So I'm moving on, albeit gently, and working on myself.

I don't need someone giving me the silent treatment, I don't need someone giving me the same recycled response they give all their friends, I don't need someone trying to brush me off.

I deserve someone who can use their words, talk about it and work through things with me.
And I'm not mad if I can't get that right now.

I'll wait until it happens.

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