Monday, September 12, 2016

I'm Going to TwitchCon 2016

Yes! That says what you think it does!
I have been given the opportunity to go to TwitchCon at the end of this month.
This is super short notice for me, and consequently I'm short on flights and a passport. HOWEVER! I will be there, come hell or high water!

Tomorrow I will be doing a 24hr stream to help get the funds. It will start at around 7pm AEST and I'll be taking questions for $2.
Another 24hr stream will happen on Friday! At around the same time.
If HALF of my 1478 followers on Twitch donated $5 I'd have more than enough to get over there and even buy goodies to giveaway!

  During the trip I want to meet as many people as possible and plan on filming something every single day for you all! My schedule of a video on every channel every second day will absolutely be met, so you're getting more content and a giveaway as well as the chance to ask me a question or dare me to do something!

  This means the absolute world to me and I really hope you guys can at least make it to one of the 24hr streams and perhaps share it around with your friends :)

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