Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nikki Blackketter and Christian Guzman

Okay, I know, once again this nosy know it all is getting herself into another person's relationship and sharing her 2 cents. But this time it's a little more important than whether or not a relationship is fake or real, this is in regards to a woman being dumped for being taken advantage of.

Nikki never goes into detail as to exactly what happened on the night her "friend" "fooled around" with her while she was black out drunk, and while I refuse to put words into her mouth she does say she never mentioned this experience when asked who she had slept with, so it's safe to assume that this person slept with her without consent, therefore making it rape.

Obviously Nikki didn't consent to this, so it was probably not something she wanted to do, therefore she would be more inclined to deny it ever happening. She didn't agree to it, she didn't remember it, and while she knows it happened, according to her recollection of the nights proceedings, it never did. The question of whether she lied about sleeping with someone is one thing, but beyond that, she wanted to hide the shame of being RAPED BY A FRIEND WHILE UNCONSCIOUS.

So this "rumour" gets out. I'm gonna take a wild stab at it and say the man who took advantage of Nikki started bragging, because who else would know about something Nikki was ashamed of and refusing to admit to anyone? He was, according to Nikki's accounts, the only other person on the face of the planet to know what happened.

So Nikki denies it happened.
Christian finds out it did.

Instead of Christian realising she was raped and understanding her need to hide and forget this fact, he decides to leave her for it, make a video calling her a liar and then continuing to have affiliate and sales links in the description, all his usual tags, while disabling comments and ratings.

So of course because Christian went public without discussing it with Nikki, she has to make a response video. Her video has 6 tags, all relating to the contents of the video, and a description that, again, relates to the contents of the video. She also allows for discussion and ratings, which could be indicative of her feelings toward the situation or simply her not wanting to make a big deal about it, knowing people will comment on her life regardless of the comments section being available or not.

Because of this entire situation, Nikki has had to come out to thousands of people and admit to being taken advantage of, something nobody is ever proud of, in order to defend herself from broad claims from her ex and accusations from his viewers. He has acted out of pure childishness and attacked her for a vulnerability.

And people say we don't live in a victim blaming culture.

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