Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Morbid Post

I'm watching a documentary called "Facing Death" or "Moment of Death" (find here)
The basis is that hospitals can now maintain life for long periods of time without curing or saving a person.

I want it known that if I am ever in a critical condition, be it due to illness, injury or complications.
If the value of life is lessened or if improvement of condition cannot be guaranteed by a particular treatment, do not perform the treatment, do not prolong my life.

Everything salvageable is to be donated.

The possibility of death is everywhere, getting hit by a bus, getting in a crash, being diagnosed with a life threatening illness, the list goes on.

Send me home, let me be with whatever loved ones I have, put me to sleep.
Or, if possible/available/legal, give me a course hallucinogenics to improve my quality of life before death.

It is too expensive to continue my life when I have organs to potentially bring more than 1 other person back to life.

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