Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Some of you may know that because of the medication I currently take I have lots of very vivid dreams.
Most mornings I wake up and take a few minutes to lay in bed simply to process the dreams I've had so I don't actually get them confused with reality.

Sometimes I dream of incredibly realistic things, like going about my daily life, others my dreams are more a scene of my fears coming to life.
That is what happened last night.

I woke up to go to the bathroom, probably at my normal wake up time of around 6am, feeling absolutely miserable. Burned on the front of my brain was my most recent ex constantly being rude, dismissive and cruel to me. For whatever reason we had been in a group function and he had actively been working to ignore me, and when I tried to make light conversation he would give answers to shrug me off and used a tone that was clearly meant to be off-putting.

I decided to go back to sleep to have a different dream, simply to push that out of my mind.
Well, clearly my brain saw right through my trickery because the next dream was no better.

This time it was my second most recent ex, but we were kind of dating again. I was incredibly confused because I hadn't heard anything re: his new girlfriend, so I was trying to find out what was going on.
Avoidance avoidance avoidance and TA-DAH! Turns out, dream ex was simply keeping me around for sex.

Of course these weren't the only 2 dreams I had last night, there were lots of other seemingly normal things, like Bowie pooping outside my housemate's bedroom door on the carpet, talking to a friend on Facebook, and then a seemingly out of place image of a bizarre looking penis with piercing scars on it that doesn't quite make sense.

Now, I am a strong believer in dream symbology and meanings, but only where applicable.
For example the dreams about my exes didn't really have any particular symbols, whereas the image of the penis could be something, and poop is generally a good omen.
It's only when you dream about THINGS, not EVENTS, so if you go on an adventure, the adventure could be the symbol, or you could be venturing to a forest, therefore trees could be the symbol, or something else you see in the dream.

Anyway, I guess I simply wanted to come out here and write about those 2 depressing dreams I had because it's put me in a weird mood, and also explain my use of dream interpreters because I know some people are sceptical about it.

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