Wednesday, December 14, 2016

11:11 Make A Wish

For those of you who know me should know I'm a pretty spiritual/superstitious individual. Not to a fault, I don't go around making my day around what the daily horoscope says, but there are certain things that consistently point themselves out to me.
Dreams are one thing I learned very early on are a way to look into my subconscious mind. If there's a very evident symbol, I'll pay attention to what it might mean when interpreting a dream.

Lately I've been seeing 11:11.
Now, seeing it once or twice a week is one thing, but I'll see it multiple times a day. If not on the clock itself, then I'll edit a video that will be 11:11 long, or I'll pause things at 11:11, or whatever it may be.
I am CONSTANTLY seeing this.
A quick look into numerology tells me that this is the way the planet alerts you to the fact that it wants to guide you in some way.
I've been looking for some guidance or further message about what I'm meant to hear/learn/find out and it's only just come to my attention that there was something.

About a week ago, Sorsha gave me a shoutout while responding to my "Why I HATE Vegans" video, sending a lot of traffic to my channel.
A coincidental once off, yeah maybe.

A few days before that I made a topical video surrounding the new Melanie Martinez music video for Mrs. Potato Head, which again drew a bit of attention to my channel.

And then today, I was streaming as per usual and I was sent 120 viewers (UNHEARD OF FOR ME) by a streamer and YouTuber I had never watched, never even heard of, who apparently has a rather sizeable audience.

Call me crazy, because I know these events could all be independent of each other and this could all be me analysing the crap out of things that don't need analysing, but I'd say that would be the message the planet was trying to send me.
This will pay off.
I'm meant to be doing this.
I'm not going to stop, and I don't think my growth will either.

Thanks planet. ッツ

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