Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I'm most likely going to do an entire video on this because it's gotten beyond ridiculous and after almost 8 years of it, I'm done.

I have been uploading videos to my main channel every day this month, so this concern is amplified by sheer quantity.

I film a video. I put hours of effort into it. I work on the editing, I work on the thumbnail, I try to use as many relevant tags and fill the description with good stuff. I upload said video.
Less than an hour of uploading: "Great video! Make sure you come check me out and subscribe!"
The most recent one, received moments ago, was a comment saying she would do sub for sub (which I am strongly against) and asked that I check her out and leave a nice comment that didn't just say "subscribe".

So, being the snarky, sarcastic son of a bitch I am, I go to her channel to leave a passive aggressive reply AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH
How the fuck is your foreign speaking viewership (stolen from other channels) going to enjoy my content- all in English?!
What are people actually fucking thinking? "OH GEE, AN EASY OPTION! THAT'S GOTTA WORK LONG TERM"
Nothing worth having is easy.

I'm all for collaborating with people NATURALLY: meaning they have content and values that align with yours - and preferably speak in the same goddam fucking language.
I far prefer face to face collabs, where you know what you're getting from them.
I've had a girl do a collab with me and only mention my username at the very end of her video as small text that was unclickable in her end card, whereas she was in my video's title and I mentioned her by name (with links) in the intro.

I. Really. Fucking. Hate. Sub4sub.
It's toxic to the community.
Your comments are automatically marked as spam and I go through and let every mother fucker who does it that they have been marked as spam and tell them what I think.

Your channel is as good as the content you produce and the effort you put into it. If your answer to making a worthwhile channel is sub4sub, you're clearly in it for the wrong reasons and will get bored way too easily.

Don't. Do. It.

And with that being said, if anyone agrees with me and feels like GENUINELY collaborating, hmu ;)

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