Sunday, February 19, 2017

Making 2017 MY YEAR

Yes, I acknowledge it's February now. Yes, I am aware most people start their "New Year New Me" nonsense in January. No I'm not going to apologise that I'm only starting in February.

Habits can be formed at any stage during the year, and my habits for 2017 and my motivation just so happens to be starting in February.

One thing I, and probably a lot of you, struggle with is routine and organisation. I am awful when it comes to remembering things, thinking about what needs to be done, keeping track of my time and actually getting things done.

In the past, I've blamed it on potential ADHD, low attention span from constantly consuming multiple forms of content at any given moment and poor habit forming as a child and young adult by indulging in my laziness, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter what is causing my inability to finish tasks and adhere to a deadline, the fact is I need to do something about it.

My psychologist introduced me to bullet journaling when I first came to her with the concern of forgetfulness and, while I liked the idea and tried to get on board generally, I didn't fully commit.
I never forced myself into a habit of using my journal and I was too focused on making it fit a structure without even knowing what I wanted the structure to be.

It was a few months of sometimes writing important events in a book and hoping that I looked at it before the date presented itself and randomly writing what I wanted to do without any direction.
It wasn't until a YouTuber I've been subscribed to for a while, Sarah Hawkinson, uploaded a "plan with me" video, which reminded me of the original structure and reason behind using a bullet journal format that I decided to take it seriously and try get a routine down.
It also opened my eyes to different people in the "BuJo" community on YouTube and allowed me to explore and become addicted to the idea of bullet journaling.

Before I move on to my arsenal of bullet journaling tools and equipment, I'll list off the bujo YouTuber's that I have no subscribed to for inspiration:

And, not a YouTube channel but a great place for more inspiration:

Now you have a rough idea of what bullet journaling can be like, here are some links for my personal fave bujo supplies!

Amazon is my favourite place to look for supplies and equipment; it has everything you need at amazing prices.

One thing I need from my bullet journal is transport and portability.
A lot of people prefer A3 soft cover for that reason and I've found the Northbooks Notebook Journal is great for that.
The dot grid leaves flexibility for you to create whatever design you want for different spreads but if you prefer lined or lined grid you do have those options available to you as well.

Pens are a personal decision, but for the most part I've found that felt tip pens on good paper force better handwriting, and the top of the line are definitely the Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens and for colour, the Tombow Dual Ended Brush Pens are amazing for anyone wanting to try their hand at calligraphy (get it?)

Obviously the beauty of bullet journaling is complete freedom to be as artistic or clinical as you like, so for those of you with absolutely no intention of being artsy, but simply wanting to add some flare with colour, perhaps washi tape or these gorgeous Zebra Mildliners to go over and highlight or colour in words.

And here are some things I've personally decided to keep track of in monthly trackers and in the calendars.

Leaving the house
All hygiene
Logging my meals/IIFYM

Every day I finish a task I colour in the corresponding box in my monthly tracker.

Last repeat on prescriptions
Blood test dates
Therapy and doctor sessions
Assessment due dates and exams
Medication repeats/when I need to buy different medications
Different anniversary's and birthdays

This basically ensures that I never run out of medication or miss an appointment.

If you're still confused or want to see what I do with mine let me know and I'll try make a video about my journal for you :)

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