Thursday, March 2, 2017


As some of you may be aware recently my mother has moved back to Brisbane and has offered me to live with her in her apartment.
At first I was hesitant because my mum and I don't get along when she is under the influence, but once I was sure she had undertaken the appropriate measures to move beyond that I started considering it, coming up with the following pros and cons which leave me pretty much completely lost.

I currently live in an amazing house with plenty of room to invite guests over and entertain.
With that, I also have the freedom to drink if I want to.
I own an incredible queen sized bed with luxurious linen and enjoy sleeping in the complete darkness and silence this place provides me.
I am conveniently located between 2 major shopping centres and close to an Aldi for emergency grocery top ups if necessary.
The kitchen is spacious and equipped with a gas stove and plenty of cupboard space, not that I use much anyway.
I have established my filming set up and can stream without audio or personal interruptions.
I have my own bathroom with enough cupboard space for all the products I own.
I can retreat to my room to avoid noise or interactions with other people.
My bedroom has enough room for me to have my desk, bed, shelving and a filming spot.

However, there are down sides to everything, including the location I'm currently in.

NBN has promised HFC in our area meaning we need to wait another year before internet speeds that will allow for a standard definition stream or the ability to watch a livestream.
Public transport to locations other than the 2 shopping centres I live by is difficult and requires multiple changes.
No convenient location for topping up my go card.
Very few convenient places for outdoor recreation.

Which brings me to the potential wins for living with my mother.

Telstra Velocity is available, meaning 30mbps down and 5mbps up average speeds.
Saving $50/week on rent.
Bonding with my mother.
Located near parks and other entertainment.
A brief walk away from the city.
Convenient public transport options.
Being a hotel/apartment complex it is incredibly secure.
Full length mirror in my bedroom.
Living with someone who can (and will) hold me accountable and push me to do better.
Someone to share clothes with.
Someone to prepare and eat meals with.
Large balcony for entertaining.
Gym equipment available for use in the building (albeit minimal).

Although, it's not all daisies and rainbows.

It's a shoe box apartment with very limited room.
Old lighting fixtures and poorly placed windows for natural lighting.
I would be streaming in the living room where my mother watches TV. LOUDLY.
I can't think of a location for filming.
Being close to the city means a consistently higher level of background noise.
My room may not fit my bed, and certainly won't fit my storage units.
Moving would require me to disassemble and transport my furniture.
Smaller wardrobe for me and having to share that with my mother as we both have lots of clothing.
No drinking policy. Not a blanket rule but out of respect for my mother I would want to avoid alcohol.
Living with a smoker where my bedroom opens up onto the balcony where my mother smokes.
Damaged relationship and communication barriers that could lead to emotional disturbances.

So. Without trying too hard to make an extensive list, these are the main concerns I have as far as deciding whether or not to live with my mother.
For the time my mum is happy that I have decided to stay here for a while and I do visit often for "sleepovers" as I continue to test the idea.
As I test the idea I may come up with solutions to the problems for either location, but only time will tell.
If you can think of solutions to some of the cons I'm all ears, please let me know!

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