Monday, May 2, 2011

New Music Loves

So I post this to you listening to Owl City, my new music love, so I decided to make an entire blog post devoted to new and old bands I've been listening to intently lately.

JB Hi-Fi was having a CD sale last weekend, so I went and picked up Green Day "21st Century Breakdown", which is good but not intensely soul touching, My Chemical Romance "Welcome to the Black Parade" which reminds me so much of times gone by, absolutely melting music, Paramore "Brand New Eyes" which contains really great vocals and last but not least 30 Seconds to Mars "A Beautiful Lie", which reminds me still of emotions long past, and goes way past the ears to what I'd like to imagine as the musical soul.

And back to the original band I mentioned, they feature great harmonies and soothing tunes, the kind that you could sleep to. Bang a little electronic in and you have the perfection that is Owl City. Amazing.

What are your new music loves? Any bands that you just have to listen to?

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