Friday, July 19, 2013

A More Gossipy Side of Things

Sorry if this is totally random/pointless/ranty but I just had an urge to put it up here :)

Basically, last year when I got my second job I decided I'd give the shifts I couldn't fill at my original job to a friend and got her a job where I worked.
She was super excited and everyone was happy to have her. She worked (kinda) well and learnt pretty quickly.

Not long ago she moved to Melbourne with her family, and ever since she gave her notice, months ago, she started slacking off at work and consistently not showing up for shifts. 
And as much as everyone assure me that it wasn't making a poor reflection on me, it certainly did make me mad, knowing that I did a huge favour for someone that was my best friend at the time, and she screwed us all over. Being a small business with only few staff, it was difficult - near impossible, to fill her shifts. 
And the funny thing is, after working with her for a while, I really started disliking her... A lot. I just felt that she brought out the worst in me. And because we did have a friendly past, she didn't take instruction from me in the work place even though I got her the job and was her senior

But, as we all know, karma is a b*tch, and if she goes looking for a job elsewhere and they call for a reference, her absences will be mentioned. 
And needless to say, we're not friends anymore.

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