Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Truth About Me

I'm going to break it right down for everybody right now, including the people this is directed towards and those who know very little about me. 
I just want to be loved.
I had a horrendous upbringing that left me begging for attention from my totally preoccupied mother and now I'm left unable to really care for myself. I would love to buy proper groceries and make real dinners, but I just don't find myself as worth it. I'd much rather do these things for someone else, and this is the only time I really do it.
I only buy breakfast and snacks for myself as far as groceries go.
I don't eat dinner, so I sure as fuck don't cook for myself even though I absolutely could if I had such inclination.
Yet there is one person in particular I want to do these things for, and a group of people I would do it for. 
I essentially see these people as better than me and more deserving of basic necessities like food, care and affection.
But these are all things that I would love to give myself but need them to return to me, seeing as I can't do it for myself. 

So, to these people who will probably never read this, I actually love you.
And as we know, if you ever need anything, I will 1000% be there to help.

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