Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pretty Damn Excited!

So I've just moved back to Sydney, and, as I assumed, mum is a complete mess and being this close to family is chaotic. It's more painful than I remember but that could just be because I've spent so much glorious time away from them.

So, why am I excited? Everything I've been asking for from Planet for a while is coming true and more (I'll get to that soon enough.)
I'm about to enrol in Bachelor of Psychology!
 Because of my unemployment and the fact that I live in Australia, it gets covered by the government until I'm earning enough to pay the loan back. I also get to do it online! Meaning I can stay near my computer working on YouTube and my blogs while studying at the same time.
The question I had when it came to studying flexibly online was whether I'd have to find a job because of the study method but apparently just being an unemployed student gives me eligibility for government funding/welfare payments. (Not that I purely want to be a doll bludging bum, but it's definitely helpful seeing as I'm busy with a whole plethora of other things at the moment and work is hard to come by everywhere.)

Now, for the "more" part of all my dreams coming true?
Before moving down I made an incredible connection with an absolutely beautiful man. I am so happy to call him my boyfriend and without getting into it all, even with the distance, we're going to make it work. He's visiting me this weekend for a little romantic holiday, I am so incredibly ecstatic knowing that he really wants to be with me and I'm so lucky to have him the way I do. If I get my way, I'll make a few girly tag videos featuring him, otherwise I've already told him he's going to be in videos with me and George ;)

So, needless to say, I've had a massive boost to my mood lately and I'm on a major swing of good pendulum.
The bad pendulum I've already encountered is my mother's health and the deterioration of my family. Everything with a grain of salt.

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