Saturday, April 26, 2014

Build Your Self Worth

So those of you who follow my vlog channel will know that yesterday I was looking to strengthen my personal self worth, improve upon my self image and basically boost my mood.

After looking up a few different techniques for working on self worth I found that most of the activities or exercises included making a list of ten strengths and ten weaknesses. I mentioned mine in today's video so make sure you check that out when you get the chance!

Get things done! Other ways to boost your mood and feel better about yourself is by setting goals each day and working towards achieving them. Once they're complete, taking a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments and see how hard you worked on your success.

Hold yourself high! One thing to remind yourself to do is to pay attention to your posture: sitting up properly helps boost feelings of strength and power, so quit slouching! Proper posture also helps your breathing which is another vital component, short breaths can lead to feelings of anxiousness and being anxious can cause shortness of breath. Take a moment to correct your posture and breath with your entire lung capacity!

Remind yourself of your strengths! There are things you're good at, so by reminding yourself of them every so often, for instance looking at something you've made, a report you wrote well, a subject mark that gleams, a video/song/photo that was edited nicely, something you have done that you like, take a moment to be happy about it!

Plan ahead! Give yourself a quote for each day at the beginning of the week. Start your week on the right foot by giving yourself to think about each day, a challenge, a quote, some poetry or literature, something beautiful to encourage positive thinking. 

Treat yourself with love! While you're making your week of quotes, maybe plan your healthy meals and exercise too! Look back at each week, pat yourself on the back for sticking to your meal plan and kicking your own butt! Exercise and diet plays a massive role in the way we feel about ourselves, and by exercising you release happy hormones and good food helps fuel the body with the right energy to do more activity!

Smile! One thing I learnt is that smiling itself can boost mood. If you're really down, look up- literally! By looking at the roof/sky and smiling, you'll probably feel better! Plus, smiling tricks the brain into thinking you're happy, therefore it releases the hormones released when you are naturally happy. If you're not ready to smile at yourself or while out in public, try putting a pencil in your mouth to stretch your lips into a smile, or even biting on 3 fingers, a wine cork or piece of foam can do a similar job.

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