Wednesday, April 23, 2014


And of course, as soon as I tell you my blog posts are going to be daily, I spend forever at my mum's house and got home exhausted and hardly even made my vlog video.

So to update you on yesterday, the course trainer for yesterday and today is a prick. I know exactly what he's teaching, he'll ask me a question, I'll answer correctly and he'll tell me I'm "almost" or "nearly there" then say exactly what I just said as the correct answer. Regardless, I have been given a few good sources for information.

Once it's done, I'll have a Cert III in Retail and most likely a job. Just need to get past this week. 

As I mentioned before, I spent time with my mum and brother and had a great time as always. My brother is hoping to start making more videos which I'm excited about. Our collab channel, StunkMovement, will actually be a thing. 

Seriously having a major brain fart right now, have no idea what else I wanted to write about.
Bleh, I'll blog about today tonight.

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