Friday, May 23, 2014

The Move Is Near!

So as some of you should know, I move to Brisbane in about a weeks time roughly. First of course I have a holiday week (a holiday from being unemployed, I know, I know, but in my defense it's for my birthday!) and then my living location is changed.

In preparation for this I decided it would be a great idea to use free boxes from Aldi, however it turns out the boxes they have only have 2-3 sides and would be pretty useless for things like clothes. I may use them for things like makeup and other actual items but we'll see.
So for my clothes, and here's the fun part, I will be using trash bags. 

Because we have them already and it works. The bags can be loaded in the back of the car without many problems and are moved relatively easy. But, my point still remains, trash bags. 
As for what I will do with the boxes in order to make them actually hold things, I may end up cutting one of them up in order to add more sides to another box, so I'm really going to look awesome haha

Soooo this morning I will begin by packing some of my summery clothes that I'm clearly not going to be wearing anytime soon and some of the clothes I may want to wear in the next couple of months into a suitcase, leaving only the clothes I absolutely need unpacked. My makeup and games shouldn't take me too long so that's fine to be left until closer to the time. 

Anyway. That's me done. Have an awesome day guys! And if you're ever feeling low, just remember, trash bags. :P

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