Monday, May 19, 2014

Trisha Paytas' New Book: Curvy and Loving It!

So Trisha Paytas has just announced a new book that she has written, this time on self love, inner happiness and confidence.

Although I haven't read the book myself it'd be interesting to see what she has to say in it, as I can't say she seems very confident all the time and on YouTube she is notorious for being fake and making troll videos. She is a self proclaimed ex-escort and exotic dancer and has no shame in flaunting her body. Whether I agree that this is indeed confidence and self love is a good question. I truly believe it's a facade, an outward extravagance to hide inner doubt. 
It's also interesting to note that every book she has written has a photo of herself scantily clad on the cover. Unrelated? I don't know.

So the verdict is out. I'm yet to read the book but if anybody wants me to review it, let me know and I'll buy it and give it a read. If you're as intrigued as I am, you can buy the book on Amazon here.

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