Monday, May 19, 2014


So after posting 3 times in one day I haven't said anything for 2 days. Whoops! 
And, if I need to (and yes I feel the need) my excuse is that yesterday I had 2 videos to film/edit/upload and have been finishing a Cert 4 as well as trying to organize my life. (Not gonna lie, the last is probably the hardest! Haha)

So what is there to tell you? Probably nothing. My ticket for Brisbane has been purchased (one way, whoop whoop!) and I move really soon! I received my May Bellabox (FINALLY!) and you can watch my unboxing here. I've been keeping up with my gym sessions every second day and I've been doing a squat challenge from Fitness Blender (click here if you want to join me). And of course, my veganism is doing well. :P

Had a little bit of humorous "drama" which I feel no need to elaborate on, however if you feel the need always stay up to date with me on my Twitter.

In other slightly related news, YouTube has purchased Twitch. A lot of people are on the fence about this because of the layout changes on YouTube that have upset many people (myself included), however I'm kind of excited. I think Twitch currently has plenty of opportunities for monetization, however the idea of Google AdSense and the prerequisites for partnership being brought down slightly would be incredible. I'm excited to see what changes are made and hopefully the layout doesn't change much. Twitch isn't broken YouTube! Don't try and fix it! Just... Add to it :P

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